Terms and Conditions

MTD Maritime Services & Port Reception Facility


  1. Present terms and conditions apply to every purchasing order of any of our products, goods, services and or any advice offered. They apply with the overruling of any terms and conditions present on the documents sent out by the client. The customer’s purchasing order conditions will only apply without the overruling of our terms and conditions, should they have obtained a signed document by us, MTD MS, beforehand stating our agreement with their conditions.
  2. All complaints must be registered within seven days after the date of delivery of the product or execution of the service. Complaints must be accompanied by a formal registered mail. After this term of two days the client is deemed to have accepted the goods or services, and waives any right of complaint.
  3. Accounts are payable at our registered headquarters, cash and without discount.
  4. The buyer holds responsibility over the condition of our goods when they are transported and from the moment these goods leave the producer’s site. Transportation costs are charged at the buyer’s expense, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.
  5. The terms of delivery period are not legally binding. Exceeding these terms does not give the buyer the right to any form of compensation or dissolution of the contract.
  6. The client guarantees the legal conformity of the waste with the rules of acceptance stated in the quotation. Should any anomalies be detected after accepting the waste, the client will either agree to added processing costs or retrieve the waste at this own expense.
  7. MTD MS reserved the right to adjust its pricing should there be any chances in the laws of taxation, environmental levies, and any other laws that apply to our business and the cost of our products, services or any advice offered.
  8. If, 3 months after ordering, there is still no billing invoice received related to the yield of recycling goods, the order is dissolved and the supplier waives any right of reclamation or compensation.
  9. In case of destruction of the order of products, or service by our client, we reserve the right to claim compensation equal to 33% of the value of the products delivered or services rendered.
  10. The notice period for waste contract or recurring services is 6 months.
  11. Invoices, paid past the due date, grant us the legal right to, without notice of default, an interest on the amount billed of 1.50% per month passed, counting from the original invoice date.
  12. If the invoice has deliberately not been paid due to negligence or unwillingness, the amount owed will be increased by 18%, with notice of default. The minimum the amount on the invoice is increased by is €50, as determined by the contractual damage clause.
  13. In case the buyer does not promptly honour our payment conditions, we are no longer legally bound to continue delivering any goods or services, until our payment conditions are met. Not paying a billing invoice or transferable security immediately grants us the legal right of the on demand payment of all other amounts receivable of the buyer, without notice or default.
  14. Any disputes will be settled in the court houses of Antwerp, and thus in their legal territory. In spite of the previous statement, MTD MS reserves the right to initiate the dispute at the court houses of the buyer’s registered headquarters’ or registered residence location. All transactions are subject to Belgian law. If a legal ruling determines one or more of the clauses above as impracticable or void, other clauses of these terms and conditions will retain their legal authenticity.
  15. MTD MS can only be held accountable for direct damages caused by fraud or by planning. In no event MTD MS can be accountable for any other damage. MTD MS cannot be kept to an amount greater than that which its insurer reimbursed. At the first request of the client MTD MS will send the insurance policy to the client.


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