Our Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment approach inspires us for future projects.
For several years our Services are ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 certified.

We invest in the future and in our employees. We experience that our employees, in addition to technical competences, have a greater need for general competences, which are described in the ESF call as 21st century skills, which they can use in daily life as well as at work. The combination of the specific competences for a particular job and the general competences must ensure a balanced competence portfolio that empowers our employees in their current job, in their private life, but also in future career planning. We focus in our training policy between the organizational perspective and individual talents and look for the balance between the needs and expectations of the organization and the individual talents, wishes and expectations of our employees.




The ESF provides resources for innovations that contribute to more and better jobs for our people.
Discover how it works in Flanders, Belgium via www.esf-vlaanderen.be




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